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  • Spero Patricios

Making A Difference

Traditional advertisements are videos people have to watch. Well-made branded content is video audiences want to watch, there’s the difference.

A long-form branded entertainment show is worth investing in because when you do quality content there is time to tell your brand stories. And when it becomes a show that people like to watch, you can make reruns and compound interest on your client’s investment.

Touching Lives is an example of how Airtel they promote their brand purpose using branded content.

As a new year begins and our kids return to school, we feature Ahmeds story, a young boy who suffers from Sickle Cell disease.

We all remember how much fun school was, but also how at times it was really tough. Now imagine how much more difficult this critical time in our lives would be if you were this young man. Ahmed is a much-loved 13-year-old boy living, along with his family.

Over the years Ahmed has been fearlessly battling his diagnosis of sickle cell disease, a degenerative condition that he is currently being treated for. He receives medication on a daily basis, but due to financial constraints on the family, Ahmed is presently unable to manage his fragile health status.

Furthermore, on a dark day for Ahmed's family, a domestic incident involving a gas explosion occurred at home leaving this young man badly burnt. In treatment he, unfortunately, received further sepsis, worsening his condition.

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