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Purpose Starts Within!

Updated: Apr 8

We firmly believe that for a brand to resonate with customers, it must first resonate with its own workforce. The correlation is striking: organizations that prioritize a brand-led culture witness up to a 4x surge in EBITDA and a staggering 4.4x spike in revenue. It's not merely an optional add-on; it's a strategic necessity.

Within this realm, we've identified Eight Principles that serve as the bedrock for effective brand enablement, nurturing a symbiotic relationship between people and culture:

  1. Craft Meaning: Engage your workforce.

  • Illuminate the significance of a brand-led culture for all, ensuring alignment and commitment across every echelon of the organization.

2. Ignite Motivation: Stir excitement within your workforce.

  • Articulate a collective narrative that encapsulates the essence of the brand, unifying the organization around a common purpose and values to catalyze transformative change.

3. Provide Resources: Equip your workforce.

  • Offer practical tools and insights to empower individuals and teams across the organization to breathe life into the brand in their daily endeavors.

4. Generate Momentum: Empower your workforce

  • Cultivate behavioral norms, structures, rituals, and artifacts that foster and perpetuate an internal brand culture.

5. Emphasize Brand Behaviors: Beyond mere identity.

  • Encourage employees to embody the brand through their actions and interactions, transcending mere visual elements like logos and colors.

6. Foster Internal Dialogue: Beyond communication.

  • Establish feedback mechanisms and avenues for recognizing and celebrating best practices, ensuring that every voice is heard and valued.

7. Offer Guidance, Not Dictates: Shifting from control to empowerment.

  • Provide clear directives that empower employees to embrace ownership of the brand while marching in unison towards shared objectives.

8. Integration from the Outside In: Cultivating an inside-out brand.

  • To deliver on the brand promise, facilitate opportunities for employees to immerse themselves in customer experiences, gaining invaluable insights to inform and enrich their endeavors.

Airtel Touching Lives is a perfect example of how a brand is committed to its purpose, utilising these principles to serve as guiding lights in navigating the intricate terrain of brand enablement and fostering an environment where both the brand and its stewards flourish.

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