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Who Are ASA?

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Are you worried about how to create #content in a world of social distancing, don't be. We're open and our team is ready ready to assist with your project.

Our latest video for Associate Loss Adjusters generated a substantial amount of engagement for the client on the LinkedIn platform.

Video is the most cost effective way to communicate as it captures the attention of the viewer. It also has the ability to build emotion with the with the person watching.

Video has become a very affordable tool and you can target a very specific customer base.

Once you have posted the video there are a number of different tool that you can use to check the results that it has returned for you.

Research today shows that 85% of consumers want more videos from brands as they find it much easier to use video to build their knowledge on a product or service.

30 May 2020

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