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Video Ideas to Generate Leads

It's no secret that video can generate leads, but the trick is to create videos aligned with your goals that strike a chord with your audience. Creating an effective video marketing strategy that attracts potential customers requires good strategy and a fair amount of planning. Videos are engaging, however, using them to generate leads requires some special effort. Here are 3 ideas to help.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are designed for two specific things, one, to draw in and win over the prospect’s trust, and two, ultimately converting, as a sale or generation of a new contact. The best way to build trust and bring out the story of a brand or a product, enticing the contact to purchase, is to give them an experience.

Your video landing page can also be the home for a specific video tied to the campaign. The home is the master location where the video will live, so when anyone wants to share the video, they will link back to this unique URL. Associating a video asset with a unique location on the web is key for not only your campaigns, but it also has SEO benefits.

The home for your video (landing page) is typically called the “Playback Page,” this is will be where all viewing will take place and is also a great place to put a call-to-action in or around the video player. There are many different designs and styles for laying out video on a campaign landing page.

Want some inspiration? Check out what Leadpages do on their landing page.

Add an effective call to action

Whether you upload a short Instagram Reel or a long YouTube video, encourage viewers to take action. It could be one of many options based on your goals – visiting your site, making a purchase, subscribing to your channel, signing up for a newsletter, etc.

Clearly communicate what you want them to do with an effective call to action. For instance, “Download now” or “Share with your friends.”

If your video is long, add CTAs at frequent intervals throughout the video. With YouTube, you can add cards and annotations for specific CTAs. Make sure the CTA is relevant and timed to direct the viewer on what they should do to engage with your brand.

Add videos to email campaigns

Using videos in inbox outreach can help your emails stand out. You can incorporate videos in all kinds of emails – newsletters, product launches, event invitations, etc. You can experiment and test what works best for your audience and your brand.

However, using videos in emails isn’t straightforward. Providers such as Outlook and Gmail do not accept emails with embedded videos. Even if the provider allows embedded video, the recipient’s device may not. To solve this problem, you can add a link to your video in your email. Alternatively, you can use specialised platforms for email marketing. Vidyard or Hippo Video, and other such software solutions have special integrations to make it easier to incorporate videos into your emails.

Get started with video marketing

Videos offer many opportunities to educate your audience and convince them to engage with you. Incorporate video into your content strategy to build your leads and grow your business.

Are you ready?

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