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Tips for Making a Good Video

Today videos are a must if you need to share your company’s message, regardless of whether it is meant for employees or for a target audience outside of your company. Whatever you have in mind, follow these tips to ensure that your video has the desired impact:

1. Write a good script

A good video starts with a well-written script. From the outset, there needs to be a clear aim. Write a concise script and get to the point quickly to prevent your target audience from skipping or moving on! Make sure that the information given in the script is correct. If not, the credibility of the video & consequently that of the company is jeopardised. A good script must be accompanies with great visual and audio elements to create an engaging video!

2. Keep it short and simple

People want to see videos that do not take up a lot of their time. So make sure that the video gets to the point before the viewer loses interest or clicks out of the video! Consider the target audience to determine the length of the video. Videos meant for potential clients definitely need to be short. Other details can be made available in a blog. Videos meant for employees or investors can be a little longer, as long as the content of the video is engaging!

3. Tell a story

Storytelling is one of the most effective ways of engaging a target audience. Stories allow for an emotional connection and a deeper understanding as we identify with characters in the story. A short anecdote or story will engage viewers and make the video more memorable. There are many possibilities: you can include an emotional story, an inspirational story, a funny story, etc. to get your message across. Include interesting visuals and footage that keep the attention of the viewer.

4. Include a Call-to-action

Whether it is a customer, an investor or an employee viewers must know what they can do next… Therefore, close the video with an effective call-to-action. Tell the viewers what they can do next to optimally benefit from the information shared in the video. It may be as simplistic as including contact details (in the case of a marketing video) or a link to access further resources (in the case of a training video). Whatever the nature of the call-to-action it will ensure that your corporate video will encourage further engagement and has maximum impact.

There are off course other considerations that are required to make a video but if you follow these 4 basic steps you are on the right track to making a good video. If you need additional help or just want someone to talk to, give us a call.

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