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The Rise of Long Form Video

As research about viewing habits start surfacing for 2020, we will probably see more of the same in 2021. More stay at home consumption, more binge watching & more video consumption.

No doubt, the way in which people consume media & the rise of Stories have all contributed to making video more important than ever before, meaning it pays to be aware of the video marketing trends for 2021.

It is estimated that people will spend more daily minutes watching video over the next few years than ever before, resulting in more advertisers investing in online video ads in order to drive engagement. In fact, 83% of marketers believe that video is becoming increasingly important, which signals the start of more brands using them as part of their digital marketing strategies.

While this is great for us video producers, it also means that there will have more competition in this area. Increased video content means it's harder to be seen in crowded spaces, as well as be seen as useful to customers, marketers will likely struggle to get engagement from videos as the sector becomes saturated.

This means it is vital that marketers stay ahead of the competition in order to deliver the next big video type at the right time. Ensuring you use the latest techniques or focus on the right areas can help you continue to see returns from your video content.

The pick of the bunch - Long-form videos

We’ve all heard repeatedly that the human attention span is shrinking and is now shorter than that of a goldfish – even though a study disproved this fact a few years ago. This has resulted in many marketers falling back on short-form videos in a bid to inspire greater engagement, but this looks set to change in 2021.

While there’s no denying that shorter videos are easy to consume, especially on the go and via social media, they fail to allow brands to form the emotional connection that makes them memorable to consumers.

In 2017, around 80% of videos were under five minutes in length, however, these short videos tended to drive less than a third of overall engagement in video content. In comparison, videos that were 15 minutes or longer resulted in 50% of audience engagement.

These statistics combined with the fact that the average user will spend 88% more time on a website with video content goes to show that long-form videos can help keep people interested in your message and your brand. Long-form videos enable you to tell a story that can make you memorable, as well as help educate your audience – whether about your products or your brand values.

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