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The Good Doctor

Dr Stephen's mom was a cleaner & the dad, a brick layer. After going to university, Stevens mom was cleaning the very school hostel Stephen lived in. The parents practically lived in debt to see him through his studies. Stephen did whatever could help them with any kobo. Towards the end of Med school, his siblings stopped school so he could continue. Dr Stephen graduated in 2017 & at least the family debts would be settled & the younger ones will be able to go to school.

Once he started working, he enrolled 3 siblings in the university that same year! Debts were paid & hope was returning to the family. Then Dr Stephen's mom suffered a stroke & his father was hospitalised for hypertensive heart disease. Dr Steve dealt with it all as he had his dreams & he wanted to pursue them.

In 2018 he was posted to Borno State for NYSC. On 6th May 2019, he was on call when he went across the road to buy some goods. While standing there, an ordinary Keke swerved and hit Dr Stephens from behind & he sustaining multiple head injuries. Dr Stephens was treated for 48 hours but unfortunately succumb to his injuries and passed away.

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