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Pets Make Home, Home

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

"Adapt or Die" was the slogan we chanted in the 80's while at WITS university fighting for change in SA. Fast forward 40 years & the slogan still stand true but for a completely different reason. The world has changed, so we had to change with it. COVID-19 brought with it reduced budgets both locally & across the globe. We pitched on a piece of work for Mars Petcare UK, that needed both the conceptual work & if successful, the production & execution of the creative.

Pitching against some of the most creative minds worldwide, we won it, they loved our idea!

In collaboration with Flare Studio & the UK's most awarded creative agency AMV BBDO, this brand film explored the beautiful bonds between people and their pets with one simple message, that our “Pets make home, home”.

Conceptualized, written and directed for Mars Pet Care, the film is a true testament to the new way of working. Produced and filmed in the time of lock-down level 3, and directed remotely for a client thousands of miles away, this beautiful brand piece encapsulates global truths around the relationships we have with our pets and the light they bring to our lives.


Flare Studio producer: Toby White

Agency: AMV BBDO

Client: Mars Petcare UK

Agency Creative: Jay Phillips

Agency Writer: Neil Clarke

Client Service: Poppy Wilson & Ella Fanshawe

Concept Writer: Robin de Jager

Director: Robin de Jager

Executive Producer: Spero Patricios

DOP: Rick Joaquin

Art Director: Daniella Dagnin

Editor: Jade @ Post Modern

Colourist: Nick Apostoli

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