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  • Spero Patricios

IBM Originals

Modern marketing continues to evolve and so does the role of the modern marketer particularly in content marketing.

IBM has been using content to connect with audiences since the launch of their Think magazine in the 1930s. Their commitment to original storytelling continues today with award-winning IBM’s newest magazine Industrious, Red Hat’s podcast series “Command Line Heroes,” and many more.

However, in this evolution of content marketing there is a shift from content creation to delivering content experiences. How can content, take a user/viewer on a journey and make a story come to life and engage an audience? In the form of a documentary feature film!

The IBM Originals, the award-winning content studio housed within IBM corporate marketing developed and created a new feature length documentary film called Bonds of Trust. Believing that technology has the power to streamline the outdated and complicated process of disaster recovery, IBM proposed blockchain technology to improve survivor outcomes and revolutionise the way they recover after a disastrous event. But convincing both public and private stakeholders – groups whose main function is to minimise risk – to rethink their entire operational system proved to be a challenge. Bonds of Trust is an emotional glimpse into the harsh realities of several intersecting stories in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Set in the Texas Gulf Coast, this insightful short film shows the side of a disaster rarely seen in order to drive awareness and compel audiences to take action.

The film is only available on the IMB platform which unlike Youtube keeps you focused on the story and allows for IBM to mine all the data themselves. Epic!!

More & more innovative brands & marketers are leveraging the power of tailor-made content and driving consumers onto their own platforms.

Let me know your thoughts on the film and on brands creating their own content.

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