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  • Spero Patricios

Finding a Way

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Airtel Nigeria's commitment to helping the people of Nigeria is incredible. 5 years of Airtel Touching Lives and the support just gets bigger & better.

Cole Evans is a 28 years old, gym instructor in Lagos. Early one morning on the 11th of March 2018, on his way to work on a public bus , tragedy struck. A car traveling back from a night club hit the bus & killed four people in the accident. Somehow Cole survived but was seriously injured. Sadly, he had a cracked pelvic and injured his urinary tract as the bus he was traveling in fell on him. ​ Cole has an amazing attitude to life and although he has a critical injury that has changed his life, he stays positive and knows he will find a solution to his medical condition. His family and friends have carried him through this tough journey and applied to the Airtel Touching Lives for assistance. He had a long road to recovery, but with Airtel's assistance, it has made the process much easier.

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