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Down But By no Means Out

Adeola Ayoola is a single mother of a 7 month old little boy, Daniel. Adeloa was forced to leave her job to take care of Daniel after he was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. While doing all she can with limited resources, Adeloa realised that Daniel was always short of breath.

Adeloa took Daniel to the hospital for regular visits and assistance with Down Syndrome. The medical staff realised that Daniel was always short of breath & he was diagnosed with a hole in the heart.

Because of the hole in his heart, Daniel's physiotherapy, which can assist with the Down Syndrome, can not take place as this will place Daniel's heart under stress and his life at risk.

This was a serious double blow for Adeola as the only way Daniel could start physiotherapy was to rectify the hole in the heart. A position no mother should find herself when trying to take care of her young child.

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