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CSR to Inspire Your Brand, Your Staff & your Customers

The best CSR campaigns show the world that a business is a good corporate citizen. As a good corporate citizen, a business is committed to making environmentally friendly decisions and caring about all humans.

Successful companies utilize philanthropic gestures, well-being initiatives, and sustainability efforts to garner brand loyalty and trust. These CSR strategies have long-term benefits with both the consumer and company growth in mind.

CSR might seem a far-fetched idea, but popular brands and franchises are using sustainable business strategies and are experiencing growth and improved customer satisfaction.

Why is CSR Important?

Socially responsible organizations understand that we need the planet and its citizens to continue to conduct business. CSR is important because corporations have a larger impact than a single person alone.

On the negative side, some corporations are responsible for huge amounts of waste, pollution, and contribute to depleted resources. On the flip side, corporations have the money, technology, and global spread to make adjustments to their production methods and internal processes to drastically reduce their negative impacts. Corporations can finance innovative solutions to help solve some of the problems they played a major role in creating.

Conscious companies see the benefits of CSR. Consumers respond well when businesses share their CSR efforts with their stakeholders because they see that the company has values and an ethical mindset.

Airtel Touching Lives:

To Airtel, a more sustainable future is not impossible. The mobile telecom giant has UN Sustainability targets for 2025 to transform the lives of the people in Africa. They do this through their flagship program called Airtel Touching Lives.

Airtel ‘Touching Lives’ is a national TV documentary that, for the last seven years, has aired annually. It captures Airtel's efforts to offer practical relief, assistance, and opportunities to empower the underprivileged, disadvantaged, and hard-to-reach people across communities. This initiative aptly named ‘Touching Lives’ is aligned with the group's sustainability strategy and is focussed on good causes and opportunities around digital and financial inclusion as well as the adoption of schools and providing infrastructure to enable access to quality education. ‘Touching Lives’ takes the format of a reality television show, where the public nominates causes, communities, and people in need.

If you have a CSR program and would like to build a content strategy around it, please give us a call.

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