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  • Spero Patricios

How to build a video marketing strategy.

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

Video is just the vehicle—your marketing strategy should power your message. Before you start making your video, it’s crucial that you determine your primary goal from the start. This will help you keep your content focused and will make the success of your video much easier to measure. Competing metrics and goals can be confusing, so we recommend setting up some “SMART” goals before you get started.

Here are the basic principles of setting SMART goals:

Specific: Set a specific goal, such as gathering new leads or generating buzz.Measurable: Determine how you will measure success by including both quantitative and qualitative benchmarks.Achievable: Consider what obstacles might stand in your way of achieving your goals, and proceed or pivot accordingly.Relevant: Think about how the video fits into your overall marketing strategy and whether or not it aligns with current goals.Time-related: Set a concrete deadline that’s tied to other projects, and hold yourself accountable.

Once you’ve landed on the goal of your video, it should be a lot easier to narrow down your focus on what type of content to create to serve that goal.

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