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  • Spero Patricios

Points to Ponder When Making Branded Video

Whether you have R10,000 or R 10,000,000 to spend, you can get started on a video campaign. There are just a few key factors to consider:

Intended use

A 30-second product demo will be less expensive to create than a 13 part TV series. Consider the purpose of your video when choosing what to make. Do you need a short commercial, a tutorial, testimonial or longer form series? Often a shorter, snappier content that is 15 to 60 seconds can be more affordable than a longer video.

Production scale

Do you want to create long from reality content like Airtel Touching Lives or can your video be shot on a DSLR in the office? The budget you'll need to set aside for production depends largely on the type of video you choose to produce and how much you want to do with it.


What good is the world's greatest video if it's the best kept secret? When budgeting for branded video content, be sure that you have a sufficient amount of funds for paid distribution options. Even brands with millions of subscribers pay to distribute their video content because it guarantees that your work will be seen.

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