Our Work

At Launch Factory, we partner with brands to establish and enhance your reputation as purposeful businesses, delivering unprecedented results. This is achieved by making your brand the hero & thereby creating an emotional connection with your customer.

We do this by crafting award winning, innovative television called branded content.

  • Explainer Videos

    An explainer video is a short video commonly used by businesses to quickly tell their product story in a memorable way. Explainer videos work well for companies that may have difficulty in describing their prodcut in a clear and succinct way.

  • Down for the Guap

    Down for the Guap is an energetic, fun-filled reality game show where friends nominate each other to do crazy challenges for cash. The show pushes contestants boundaries as they must dig deep to overcome their fears and venture out of their comfort zones in an ultimate experience.

  • SABC Stereotype Drop South Africa

    Stereotype Drop is a new reality show that is meant to get us thinking about these misguided views we hold as a society. The series is driven by everyday South African’s who have become victims of a wildly held societal stereotype due to their race, sexual orientation, appearance, behaviour, demographics, religious & cultural beliefs or set of values.