Healthline 6 Truly engaging viewers’ hearts and minds.

Sad but true: After all that precious time spent marketing, networking and punting your offering, there’s just no guarantee that your efforts will have the desired effect of going beneath the surface to establish the deep audience connection you desire and actually require for further business growth. Jeff Charles sums it up well when describing the impact of purpose-led brands that offer something more than just the expected product or service on authoritative sites such as The Huffington Post. It’s as simple as realising that purpose is the ‘missing factor’ in pushing your business to the next level, from ‘good enough’ to greatly relevant and renowned.

 It’s no secret, the most successful brands have also reached the conclusion that purpose is the key to their sustained success. That’s why Healthline Season 6 is all about purpose. We have just completed the 13-part 30-minute TV show for Vodafone Ghana. Publicly acknowledged as the most impactful health programme to hit TV screens in the country, fans are excited to watch the sixth season of the award-winning branded content format, with the first episode airing on 20 August 2016. That’s because the Vodafone Healthline programme  has significantly contributed to changing the lives of Ghanaians since its debut on TV screens some seven years ago. It’s done so by providing them with expert health information and advice that has encouraged and empowered them to take charge of their health. So it’s informative entertainment that actually betters the lives of those who watch it. That’s its purpose.

 I feel so proud to be part of such a successful show that is a demonstration of true benevolence. To be involved with a powerful commercial brand whose intention is to sincerely add value to the community it services. The production of Healthline has succeeded in restoring hope and bringing smiles to underprivileged families by paying for necessary surgeries and life-changing medical care for hundreds of affected Ghanaians.

In bringing this dream to life, we cast and direct teams of specialist surgeons who undertook the complicated surgeries, courtesy of Vodafone Healthline. The programme has the added purpose of bringing to light the great expertise of some of Ghana’s finest doctors, which would otherwise not have been brought to light.

 It is so refreshing and inspiring to work with clients who afford you the opportunity to undertake projects that break the mould of traditional advertising. We are proud to work with clients who are not only innovative in their approach, but who also recognise that the full value of their brands is realised when they are able to extend their brands beyond traditional marketing initiatives into opportunities where relevant, meaningful and truly heartfelt impact is made on their target audience. The results speak for themselves.