Digital video is growing in popularity

Digital video is growing in popularity and has continued to grow over the last couple of years.

And the reason why it is so effective is for two-fold:

  • It captures the attention of the viewer on line. Video creates the opportunity that captures your attention and draws someone’s eye to your work, whatever it is that your running and pulls them in.
  • The other thing video does really well is that it creates emotion, unlike static images, video creates the opportunity to really connect with your customers or potential customers which makes it really powerful.

Why now?

Platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and all these advertising platforms even email platforms like mail-chimp have all started integrating video opportunities natively into their platforms .. so now it easier than ever to use video to reach your audience and to be really targeted. So, when you combine the power of video with the available targeting mechanisms ….. it’s powerful. Also, its now very affordable and there is advanced analytics you can continue to optimise & you can get incredible results.

Its time to look at how you can now utilise video to push customers through the sales funnel from attracting new customers to engaging your audience, nurturing your prospects & then delighting your customers.

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