A company with an awesome purpose, Expedia does it again

Expedia delights patients in hospital. 

It is so refreshing to see that brands have a purpose broader than their advertised product range. We just love the fact that some companies are doing so much to help others that are not in a position do things for themselves. It so important that companies structure their marketing spend to delight the less fortunate. Expedia is in the travel business and they have been delighting viewers for many years with their very clever content marketing films.


In this example, the company is helping cancer-stricken kids at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital get a taste of the far-flung outdoor activities their treatment prevents them from experiencing in person. With help from a 360-degree camera, interactive live-streaming and a specially built screening room, Expedia brings the experience to the patient in the hospital room.

Using Technology:

The technology transforms the four walls of St Jude’s room into an impressive visual presentation. But the real-time aspect of the exercise is that Expedia employees are live in locations like Miami and Playa del Carmen and there is an interaction between the kids & the location.

Expedia manages to evoke empathy for young victims of debilitating diseases while using the wonder of today’s technology to ameliorate their plight, emphasize the joy that comes from seeing the world in all its natural glory, and convey the hope that comes from witnessing the unbridled enthusiasm of youth, even in the face of unimaginable hurdles. It’s simple, clear and direct.

There are far worse ways to spend a marketing budget than making a sick kid’s day a little better. A really emotional piece of content that brings a little happiness to others…. well done Expedia, you get big thumbs up from me for this well executed, emotional experience… 🙂