Branded Content in Africa “Necessity is the mother of all invention”

It’s interesting to see how some of the biggest brands in Africa have been using Branded Content for over a decade. The perception of marketing in Africa is that it is often behind the rest of the world, but in many cases, it leads. Africa is not given the credit for finding innovative solutions to complex issues before the rest of the world. They often do so because they need to, as Plato said so many years ago, “necessity is the mother of all invention”.

There are unique issues that need to be solved and can only be solved using local knowledge. Take long form Branded Content on TV & Radio, for example, brands in Africa have been doing it for decades and there have been two reasons why they turned to this medium. Firstly, because smartphone penetration has been very limited due to the cost constraints & secondly that free to air broadcaster are, in most cases State-Owned and content is outdated & produced at a low cost. The use of mass media such as Radio & TV has been the obvious platform. This opens the door for brands to produce long-form content for the broadcasters and the broadcasters to enjoy top quality content at no cost. There is nothing better than a relationship that is a win-win for both parties.

Despite the challenges, brands need to engage their audiences and the platform gives them the opportunity to innovate and innovate they do. See some examples of our Branded Content work for our clients across Africa.