Airtel Touching Lives Nigeria Season 5

“If you are showing kindness to somebody and expecting something in return, you are doing business and not kindness.” Segun Ogunsanya – CEO Airtel Nigeria.

In today’s market showing corporate empathy and kindness is doing business with real purpose. A recent Deloitte’s survey says that organizations with a purpose h higher optimism, and confidence in the future. It looks like all that confidence and optimism pays off because research shows that brands that activate a higher purpose in all they do, outperform their counterparts by 400% and grow between 3 to 10 times faster than their competition. Airtel Touching Lives is an inspiring Corporate Social Responsibility initiative that seeks to offer practical relief, succor, hope, opportunities, and meaningful platforms to liberate and empower the underprivileged, disadvantaged and hard to reach persons in society. The activities of Airtel Touching Lives are recorded and produced for national television with a view to promoting the spirit of giving, self-sacrifice, and love among Nigerians.

Airtel Touching Lives Season 5 has launched which demonstrates Airtel Nigeria commitment to their purpose.